Stefano Piazza

Dr. Stefano Piazza received his degree in Herbal Sciences and Technologies (2014) and in Human Food and Nutrition (2016) from the University of Milan (Unimi), presenting two experimental works conducted in vitro in the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy, directed by Prof. Mario Dell’Agli

After obtaining a scholarship as a promising young person, he began the PhD school in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacological Sciences (Unimi), which he completed in 2020. During the thesis period and PhD studies he carried out trials on the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial activity of polyphenols, also in the context of numerous projects funded by pharmaceutical companies, for the development of plant ingredients included in dietary supplements and dermocosmetics He did part of his doctoral studies (6 months) at the University of Antwerp and was selected by Unimi for participation in a League of European Research Universities (LERU) Summer School for the publication of a collaboration guide for young researchers.

In February 2021, he received a post-doc research grant funded by Unimi for the study of the role of plant extracts in the interaction between Helicobacter pylori and the gastric epithelium He has served as a scientific manager in projects funded for the study of the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity of plant ingredients at the gastrointestinal level and against acne and atopic dermatitis. During his research he participated in the publication of 31 scientific articles in international peer reviewed journals, including 8 with first name; as well as several national and international congresses. Teacher at the Advanced course in “Healthy properties of natural products” coordinated by Prof. Dell’Agli.