Traditional African Medicine, resource for modern phytotherapy

An article by the Pharmacognosy Laboratory dedicated to Traditional African Medicine and some of the medicinal plants used for healing purposes was published in the technical-scientific magazine Natural 1 in two parts, in the September and October 2023 issues.

The plant heritage of the African continent is unique and immense and the World Health Organization has estimated that approximately 80% of its population uses medicinal plants for their healthcare. Scientific research has demonstrated the pharmacological properties of some of these plants, which have also become commonly used in Western countries, such as Aloe vera or Devil’s Claw.

The Pharmacognosy Laboratory draws inspiration from Ethnopharmacology for its research on natural products and, with regard to Africa, studies have already been carried out on the properties of some spices traditionally used in Cameroon, both for food and medicinal purposes (10.3390/metabo10050182;